Formulated by physicians in the hair loss field with years of experience.


Our physicians & scientist have spent over 15 years of research to find a natural hair loss solution.


All our products are made with all-natural botanicals designed to enhance the appearance & health of your hair.


Manufactured in Italy following strict EU standards. Ingredients are sourced worldwide for their natural benefits.

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We believe the best natural approach to hair loss is a comprehensive plan including nutritional oral supplements and targeted topical treatments.  Oral vitamins and topical hair growth treatments work in conjunction to support hair health from both the inside and outside.  Sempre hair growth Organonutrients provide an overall dietary boost with powerful natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents to help actively fight signs of aging and improve the natural state of your cells.  They supply essential nutrients directly to the hair follicles through the bloodstream promoting stronger hair growth and reducing hair loss. Sempre topical foam has a powerful proprietary blend of botanical ingredients that directly reaches the hair follicles resulting in the appearance of improved hair density and overall hair health.

If you stop using Sempre your hair will likely go back to its pre-Sempre state

This has not been studied but do not anticipate shedding with cessation of this product. 

It is recommended to use this product daily when you get out of the shower and are going to leave on the product for 12 hours. You should still use the product daily even if you do not wash your hair daily.

Keep in a cool and dry place outside of your bathroom. 

Yes. Sempre Foam can be used with Minoxidil

Sempre foam can be applied in conjunction, in proximity, or separate from minoxidil application.

Sempre foam can be utilized on wet or dry hair depending on the preference.

For wet styling application, apply to wet hair,  style to desired look. For dry look, apply to scalp while hair is dry and allow time for evaporation. For quicker dry and volume blow dry thereafter with low or medium heat. 

Sempre foam can be applied night or day based on the convenience of the user. 

Yes. Sempre foam can be used with Finasteride. 

Sempre foam has not been tested as a replacement for Finasteride or Minoxidil. Proof of concept clinical studies demonstrate significant superiority to Finasteride and Minoxidil. Utilization as a replacement will require further studies to evaluate post cessation shedding. 

Sempre’s primary ingredient is a proprietary botanical blend of compounds studied in clinical studies since 2010. Since that juncture, no side effects have been reported. Further studies will be performed in this regard.

Sempre growth foam contains a medley of botanical extracts known to improve scalp and hair wellness. In addition, the primary ingredients are organic compounds derived from over 10 years of research demonstrating significant improvement in the look and feel of hair. 

Sempre growth foam application works best with 30-60 seconds of medium-pressure scalp massage.

Sempre foam may be kept at room temperature in a cool dry place outside of your bathroom. Does not need to be refrigerated.

Sempre foam may be used in conjunction with Argon oil. There are no known agents that are precluded from use in conjunction with Sempre foam.

You are encouraged to continue the use of products and care of hair as you normally would. 


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